ArcMap is the main component of ESRI's GIS software suite. It is the most widely used GIS software.

The steps below demonstrate how to incorporate Giraffe Geo data into ArcMap workflow. There are of course other ways to connect; the steps below are just one of the simplest.

Step 1

Click the "Catalog" icon to connect to a new data source.

Step 2

Selext "Add Database Connection"

Step 3

Add the current host name and database name given here: These are currently "" and "giraffegeo11".

Enter your username and password and click "OK".

Step 4

Click the "Add Data" icon.

Step 5

Choose the "Database Connections" option and then the Giraffe Geo database.

Step 6

Select a layer. Here we have chosen US Counties as an example.

Step 7

The layer will load in the viewer.