Giraffe Geo provides geospatial data by API and sql query. We manage the data and make integration into your workflow as easy as possible.

How it works

Giraffe Geo hosts a large geospatial database and provides users access. Our api tools and database are completely transparent and thoroughly documented. Users make api queries to standard api endpoints, sql queries directly to the database or use one of many integrations. We maintain the data and the servers and take those burdens off your teams.

Giraffe Geo relies on users to know what datasets matter most and provides an easy pipeline for users to suggest or request datasets to be added to the Giraffe Geo data catalog. Users provide several pieces of metadata and a link to the data, and Giraffe Geo does the rest.

Example Data Categories

  • Economic
  • Energy
  • US Census Bureau

Example APIs

  • Common Postgis (sql) Queries
  • National Parcel and Property Data
  • National Weather Service Alerts

Example Integrations

  • ArcMap
  • OpenJump
  • QGIS
natural hazard


Pricing is based on the volume of api and database calls. Contact us for an independent database instance.


Why use Giraffe Geo?

We focus on one specific component of your stack: geospatial data. We keep the data up-to-date and provide it in the most transparent, efficient way. We simplify your work and save you engineering resources.

What geospatial formats does Giraffe Geo offer?

We currently offer vector data. Raster data is coming soon.

I want the original shapefile version of a dataset. Does Giraffe Geo offer that?

In general users should access the Giraffe Geo database directly and pull the data into shapefile format. For special circumstances please email

I don't see a dataset that I would like to access. Can you get it?

We will certainly try. Submit a dataset suggestion at Suggest.

Can I get an extract from a dataset, such as all data within ten miles of a city and in the projection I want?

Yes. Use any of these integrations for that.

How does Giraffe Geo work technically?

Giraffe Geo uses postGIS or postgreSQL with the GIS extension on Amazon Web Services. We manage everything on the server side so that you have access to geospatial data as if you had a tremendous in-house team taking care of everything for you.

Can I submit a dataset to be included on Giraffe Geo?

Yes, as long as the data is likely to be useful to other users, please use the form Suggest and use a Dropbox or a similar service's url to share the file.

Can I view the database using pgadmin?


Does Giraffe Geo host private datasets?

Yes. Enterprise partners can host their data with us and maintain private access. We manage the server side and enterpise partners can run queries against their data and the rest of Giraffe Geo.

Does Giraffe Geo support queries across databases?

Giraffe Geo supports foreign data wrappers (postgres_fdw) for queries across multiple postgres databases. Support for other database types is coming soon.

Is Giraffe Geo compatible with with any business analytics or visualization software?

Yes. Giraffe Geo is compatible with many BI and visualization tools. We offer easy instructions on our integrations page.

Contact us for trial access credentials

Fill out the simple contact form below and we will send you access credentials for a thirty day trial.