The Giraffe Geo database host is accessed using the cname


The database name is

  • giraffegeo11

Data sets are organized as :

  • Catetory (intended to make searching easier)
    • Schema (the name of the schema in the database)
      • Table (the name of the table within the schema)

Category names are generally topic areas (e.g. economic, energy); however, very large data sources (e.g. United States Census Bureau) will have its own category, even though the types of data varies (e.g county boundaries, roads).

Some category names are also schema names.

Schemas are used within a category for finer groupings, either by source or type of content. For example, 'CartographicBoundary' is a schema within United States Census Bureau that collects data offered by the latter under that heading.

Schemas are written in camel case in the catalog to avoid possible errors when using them to intereact with the database.

Where feasible, Giraffe Geo retains the original dataset name, even when these do not make clear what the content is. Each table, however, has a "text name" that describes the set; for example, the text name for the table "cb_2016_us_county_500k" is "Census Bureau Counties".

If the data source uses spaces or dashes in the file name, these are replaced with underscores.